Cube (1997)

body horrorno
violence toward animalsno
Bechdel-Wallace testpassed
Mako Mori testpassed
X was the real YIt turns out humanity was the real government death cube.

There aren't enough good Canadian low-budget math-based horror films.

This movie has everything. Geometry, prime factorization, a standby Can-con actor, interpersonal conflict. You name it.

I think it's a pretty clever movie because you are able to get away with a single small set (because at most one and a bit rooms are ever visible you can can get away with three full rooms or one full and three partial rooms [I wasn't paying enough attention to cuts to work out which they did]). You can still have pretty constant movement so it doesn't feel to stale and to the extent that all the rooms look the same (less lighting) you are just adding to the claustrophobia and inpersonality of the cube. Admittedly, the plot is kind of thin, and the acting isn't great, but both are passable and the film is too short to overstay its welcome.

It's definitely worth noting that one of the characters in the film is portrayed as having autism and is treated much more as a plot device than a person in his own right. Other characters aren't much more fleshed out, but Kazan is only ever used as a tool or as a way of showing the level of compassion of other characters.