Nosferatu (1922)

body horrorno
violence toward animalsyes
Bechdel-Wallace testfailed
Mako Mori testfailed
X was the real YIt turns out that Orlok was not legaly distinct from Dracula

It's weird to remember there was a time you could get sued for adapting Dracula.

Pacing on early movies is so astoundingly different than modern movies. I never know how much of it is a difference in interests a century ago and how much was cimena actually being a new and largely unsolved artform. For instance, you'd think a movie without any speaking would have fewer long shots of people just talking to eachother.

Regardless, I went into this more with a feeling of obligation than an expectation of actually enjoying it. This was about right. I think the cuts they made to the Dracula story helped it, but it was still pretty long and slow.

That said, I'm glad I watched it. There were some genuinely great shots (e.g., a lot of what they did with shadows), Orlok was fairly creepy looking, and it is a classic.