Return of the Living Dead (1985)

body horrorno
violence toward animalsyes
Bechdel-Wallace testfailed
Mako Morifailed
X was the real YIt turns out that human incompetence was the real monster.

How do you follow up the most successful independent horror movie ever made?

If you are O'Bannon, you fundamentally change Russo's script because Romero already made Dawn of the Dead. I definitely think it would have been interesting to see a serious take on following up Night of the Living Dead by the writer of Alien, but I don't begrudge this decision.

This movie really wants you to know it's a different movie than Dawn of the Dead. Within moments of opening it's already referred to Night of the Living Dead as a movie. Shortly thereafter, the zombies have been unleashed in the dumbest possible way, and there is a woman stripping nude in a graveyard after fantasizing about being devoured.

This is the tone throughout the rest of the film. If you're looking for a cheesy and really 80s horror flick, you should be watching Re-Animator. This movie isn't terrible, but you can probably do better.