The Thing (1982)

body horroryes
violence toward animalsyes
Bechdel-Wallace testfailed
Mako Morifailed
X was the real YIt turns out that shape-shifting aliens were the real monsters.

I'm pretty sure this is my favourite horror movie.

This is the first thing to combine the terror of a creature that can masquerade as humans, and the isolation of a remote Antarctic research center. Together, these make a genuinely terrifying horror plot.

The Thing executes this plot wonderfully. The actors succeed in casting doubt on each other. The script plans its beats to continually raise tension. The effects are outrageous while seeming real.

I had forgotten that the soundtrack (excluding the theme) was done by Morricone, not Carpenter. I'm a big fan of Carpenter's music, but Morricone's score definitely works in this film.

[SPOILER] I've been trying to think about why this movie wasn't highly regarded on its initial release. My thought is that the movie is more about theme than plot or character. It also may break the rules of horror sub-genres. Somebody is supposed to survive in creature movies. Regardless, this movie is great so watch it.