Last Man on Earth (1960)

body horrorno
violence toward animalsyes
Bechdel-Wallace testfailed
Mako Morifailed
X was the real YIt turns out that man is the real shambling vampire.

You wouldn't think a movie about the last man would be so exposition-heavy.

Last Man on Earth is decent but not great. It's entertaining, and I think Vincent Price does a good job. Some of the flashbacks are pretty well done, as are some of the night scenes. But the tail end of the film feels forced and is definitely hurt by the low budget.

I am more than a little surprised that nobody has really succeeded in making a good adaptation of I am Legend. I have fond memories of Omega Man, but it's been a while since I've seen it and I'm sure I'm not remembering quite how campy it was. This version is definitely better than the Will Smith one though, so at least there's that.