The Stuff (1985)

body horroryes
violence toward animalsyes
Bechdel-Wallace testfailed
Mako Moripassed
X was the real YIt turns out capitalism was the real the stuff.

Enough is never enough of The Stuff.

The opening shot of The Stuff is someone seeing a weird white substance bubbling out of the ground at a mine and deciding to eat it. At no point thereafter is the movie any less absurd. The movie is essentially Invasion of the Body Snatchers if the snatchers were marshmallow puff.

The Stuff is undeniably a really dumb movie. But it's also incredibly fun. Everyone involved in the movie seemed to understand how silly the premise was, and decided to enjoy themselves. The special effects team especially outdoes it self with some great 80s practical effects. If you like Horror Comedy, you should watch The Stuff.