1408 (2007)

body horrorno
violence toward animalsno
Bechdel-Wallace testfailed
X was the real YIt turns out that the trailer was the real indication of this movie's quality.

I remember seeing the trailer in 2007 and thinking this movie looked terrible.

I was right.

Maybe the Stephen King story has more to it, but I couldn't find myself caring about Cusack, or his estranged wife, or his dead daughter, or any of the scares.

[SPOILER] I did think the movie would go a bit differently though. I assumed that it would turn out he'd only been in the room for like a minute and had immediately gone crazy. I don't think this would make the movie any better, probably wouldn't have made it worse though.

But yeah, it kind of seemed like Cusack was just having a really bad trip and thought that something had gone wrong, and he would be stuck in that trip forever. I bet there's probably a good horror movie that is just about a bad drug trip on a true hallucinogen.