The Innkeepers (2011)

enjoyableYes, but...
body horrorno
violence toward animalsno
Bechdel-Wallace testpassed
X was the real YIt turns out the lingering concern that your life is going nowhere is the real monster.

I think my only real problem with this movie was that it was a horror movie. I loved the main characters. I loved the setting and tone. This movie expertly discusses the isolation and anxiety felt be people who feel excluded from modern society. Ghost-hunting in a hotel going out of business was an amazing metaphor. But that yearning for something more doesn't really make sense if you find the ghost, and ghosts don't make sense if they aren't actually scary-looking.

[SPOILER] The worst part of this is that the main character's demise is the result of a completely unbelievable decision to investigate the basement. The final 'scare' of the movie is equally insulting.