Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996)

body horrorno
violence toward animalsno
Bechdel-Wallace testpassed
X was the real YIt turns out that Sabrina was the real Teenage Witch

It's best to compare this movie to the hit TV show we all knew and loved. Things that were better about the movie: Ryan Reynolds is in it, they use a real cat. Things that are worse about the movie: Ryan Reynolds' hair, Salem and the aunts are played by different people.

The movie was pretty enjoyable, and wonderfully 90s, but also was pretty questionable ethically. One of the very best things that happens is the aunts changing the timeline so an embarrassing thing doesn't happen to Sabrina. That misuse of power sets up Sabrina for her own misuses throughout the film.

Anyway, the movie (and the TV show) hold up and that is the biggest surprise imaginable.